Facing a moving target!

Recently, one of our teams was dealt a tricky situation that was on the move – nope, not kidding – it was! Upon inspection and geotechnical monitoring, this shot had moved half a diameter – enough for the previously drilled out columns to be offset when looking down. The movement was monitored extensively, and the decision was made to load with caution and be prepared to cut it off short and fire. As the movement was very slow, the only major hazard identified was the risk of downline or product dislocation that could result in misfires.

The team got stuck into loading and three days had gone by. With some small amounts of rain recorded on site, the bench was then identified to be moving again due to the rain acting as lubrication between the fault planes. The decision was made to tie and fire within the day and the crew got stuck in. After giving it 110%, the team successfully loaded 60t before firing late that afternoon safely and on schedule. Everyone then got to go home and enjoy seven days off. This effort did not go unnoticed especially when it falls on their final day before R&R. Great work!

By Lachlan Jensen